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Pesach Prep

Mechirat Hametz

As part of our fulfillment of the mitzva of "tashbitu se'or mibateikhem" (Shemot 12:15)—the removal of any and all hametz from our possession before and during the duration of Pesah, many choose to sell the hametz that they own and would prefer not to eat or destroy (Tosefta Pesahim 1:6). 

The sale of hametz is not a "blank check" for those who will be away from their homes during Pesah. In order to sell the hametz effectively, one must still search the home (bedikat hametz) to be aware of what hametz is in one's ownership, and to place it in a designated location. Additionally, because it is rabbinically prohibited to retain even hametz owned by a non-Jew on one's property during Pesah in plain view, the hametz to be sold must be located behind a closed opaque barrier (either in a sealed cabinet or behind a door or wall at least 80 cm high)(Orah Hayim 440:2).

Everyone who wishes to sell their hametz should fill out the attached form and deliver it to me either in person (ideally) or by email ( Children above bar/bat-mitzva who own hametz should fill out their own form but married couples can complete a single form together. 

Please use this opportunity to contribute to our ma'ot hitim campaign raising money for families in need in advance of yom tov. And if you know of someone in need of a place for seder in Riverdale, please let me know.

Hag kasher vesameah! A free and happy Pesah!

-Rabbi Margulies

Hametz Sale Forms

Fri, February 21 2020 26 Shevat 5780