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The Riverdale Minyan is located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, serving close to 200 families. We are a young shul, currently offering daily Shacharit, Shabbat minyanim, Shabbat morning groups for children, and shiurim, lectures and programming, on Shabbat and weekdays for the entire community.

The Shul was founded in 2015, initially meeting on Shabbat morning in an apartment in Central Riverdale. By Rosh Hashana, we had grown to over 200 weekly participants and moved into our current home, in the lower level of the Riverdale Temple.

One of the founding principles of our Shul is to offer a warm and inclusive environment for all who wish to participate. We are a lay directed shul, with weekly divrei Torah from our congregants, as well as a Kiddush every Shabbat where we encourage everyone to make new friends and catch up with old.

Our shul formed organically -- friends inviting friends. We boast a vibrant and dedicated membership, committed to our shul, supporting the broader Riverdale community, and focused on Jewish and human causes here and in Israel.   Due to our close knit nature we have attracted members from a wide range of hashkafic backgrounds, across generations, and we have hosted speakers from a broad spectrum of the Orthodox community.

We strive to maintain a vibrant, growing institution, where people of all ages and backgrounds can experience Torah and Tefilah that is authentic, inspirational, warm and friendly. We teach arvut, the responsibility shared by every Jew to ensure that all his/her fellow Jews are cared for physically, spiritually and emotionally. We maintain an environment where “Derech Eretz,” good and proper conduct, and mutually respectful dialogue are at the core of how our members conduct themselves.

We believe the key to a Jewish future lies with our youth, and work to ensure that our young people feel connected to, inspired by, and responsible for the future of their shul and their community.

We invite you to spend a Shabbat with us, join us for Kiddush, or for a shiur, and see first-hand what our Shul has to offer the community.

Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784